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At Sir Albert Catholic School, we are committed to providing a safe, caring and rich learning environment for all students. In partnership with St. Gertrude Catholic Church and our parent community, student well-being and achievement are our top priority. We encourage every student to reach his or her full potential in an inclusive setting. We hope to nurture, support and inspire students on their road to becoming compassionate, confident and responsible Catholic graduates.     


Students from Grades 1-8 will be using this agenda as a tool for learning. Recording daily work and making note of important dates will help foster good organization and time-management skills. The agenda is also a great tool for communication between home and school.         


My office door is always open and I welcome you to come in and discuss any ideas, questions or concerns that you might have. I look forward to working in partnership with you for a successful school year!





Mr. C. Szent-Ivany