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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-728-3971. 

Name Grade/Position
Mrs. N. Nevins/Mrs. K. Burnett Kindergarten
Mrs. M. Kennedy/Ms. V. Peer Kindergarten
Mrs. S. Wilson Grade 1/2
Mrs. T. Huzar Grade 1
Mrs. L. Chislett Grade 2/3
Mrs. G. Gualandris Grade 3/4
Ms. T.L. Murphy Grade 4
Mrs. N. Boudignon Grade 5
Mrs. C. Stokes Grade 6
Mrs. M. Boisvert Grade 7/8
Ms. L. Spurrell Grade 8
Mr. S. Landry French
Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton Library
Mrs. A. Springer ELL
Mrs. A. Findlay-Shields Program Support
Ms. S. Giles
Ms. M. Lozon
Ms. K. Cooke
Mrs. P. Polley
Mrs. S. Cook
Mrs. P. Pereira Principal
Mrs. D. Byrne Secretary
Mrs. J. Ryan Custodian
Mr. C. Adams Custodian
Ms. B. Baker Curriculum Coverage Staff
Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton
Mrs. A. McGouran

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