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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-728-3971. 

Name Grade/Position
Mrs. N. Nevins/Mrs. J. Estrada Kindergarten
Mrs. M. Kennedy/Mrs. K. Burnett Kindergarten
Mrs. T. Huzar Grade 1
Mrs. S. Wilson Grade 1/2
Mrs. L. Chislett Grade 2/3
Ms. T. Murphy Grade 3/4
Mrs. M. Boisvert Grade 4/5
Mrs. N. Boudignon Grade 5
Mrs. G. Gualandris Grade 6
Mrs. N. Reid Grade 7
Ms. D. Emond Grade 8
Mme. N. Hooper French
Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton Library
Mrs. R. Giorgi Program Support
Mrs. C. Hodgson
Ms. S. Giles
Ms. M. Lozon
Ms. Adams
Mrs. P. Polley
Mr. C. Szent-Ivany Principal
Mrs. D. Byrne Secretary
Mr. W. Murray Custodian
Mr. C. Adams Custodian
Ms. B. Martinelli Curriculum Coverage Staff
Mrs. A. Pacheco-Swanton
Mr. P. Emond (Day #3)

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